Welcome to Roadesque! We are Valerie Price and Jon Wilsdon…a wife + husband photography/blogging team from Bainbridge Island, Washington who take a whole lot of road trips! Now traveling has always been a part of our lives with visits to 9 countries, 5 provinces, and 34 states between the two of us. Though we have to say the trips we took together especially the ones that require traveling by car with a flexible plan have always been our favorites. We seem to always find unique and unusual sites that way which inspired us to create our first photo blog Our Ruins which documents abandoned and decaying places we’ve seen when driving through back roads and small towns around the U.S. and Canada. We’ve always found these places that represent a forgotten and unknown history to be so very interesting, and we couldn’t help but want to photograph them which led to even more road trips…at least one every weekend. Essentially, road tripping started to become a lifestyle full of interesting experiences that taught us new things about the process of traveling, and we wanted to share that through this blog, Roadesque. It is a travel lifestyle blog that includes all the things that make hitting the road feel like a way of life. Thank you so much for stopping by the blog, and we do hope that it inspires you to take that next big road trip!