Catskills Part 1 (sitting far)

It’s pretty safe to say that the Catskill Mountains in New York has become one of our favorite places to take a road trip! As we stated in our previous post, the roads just captivated us as they led us to unobstructed views of beautiful, peaceful nature. Peaceful being the key word because when we visit places of great natural beauty especially ones in close proximity to major cities like NYC, we often encounter tourists at every popular site, traffic jams on the streets, and parking that is nonexistent all year round. Not the Catskills, its desolate environment (at least in the winter) led to a feeling of solitude that we greatly appreciated. We can’t wait to go back to explore and take in all that peace once again!

Catskills Part 1 (water reserve 2)
Catskills Part 2 (sitting close)
Catskills Part 1 (mountain road far)
Catskills Part 1 (bridge)
Catskills Part 1 (river road)
Catskills Part 2 (dirt road)