On The Road With Apps (road)

Today we wanted to share with you all our favorite apps that we use on our road trips! Now sometimes we don’t have cell phone service, but when we come across a bigger town…we often rely on these to help our road trip go smoothly. This list is definitely a work in progress which is why we would love to hear any suggestions you all have on travel apps that you like to use!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

  1. Google Maps. This app has become indispensable not only to map out our end spot, but also to see where roads lead to…we just appreciate that it hasn’t led us to a dead end or the middle of lake…cross our fingers!

  2. Weather Channel. This app is our go-to for everything weather…from tracking temperatures, daylight, allergies, and storms…to avoid, of course!

  3. SitOrSquat. We take a lot of bathroom breaks…like a lot, so this app has been really helpful in finding decent restrooms because we like to keep it clean!

  4. Gas Buddy. When you drive as much as we do, you end up filling up the gas tank a lot…so this app is definitely helpful in zeroing in on the cheapest priced gas!

  5. Tripadvisor. We heavily rely on this app to determine our hotel accommodations…plus, I’m one of those people that loves reading reviews!

  6. TV Food Maps. This app is so much fun especially when you’re in a city and want to go to a restaurant that has been featured on a tv show. It really does satisfy your needs if you love the Travel Channel or the Food Channel as much as we do!

  7. Stop Breathe & Think. Sometimes road trips can be mentally taxing when you’re in a car for what feels like forever which is why we use this mediation app to guide us through it!