Franconia (full landscape)

Happy Friday! Today, we wanted to share with you Part 2 of our visit to Franconia Sculpture Park in Minnesota! If you haven’t checked out Part 1 yet, be sure to view those photos here. Now with this park being 43 acres of beautiful land filled with so many interesting sculptures, you can bet our camera was working on overtime. We came out of it with over 700 photos which we were super excited about but also a bit overwhelmed because choosing which photos to share on the blog became a difficult process. Honestly though…it is a problem we don’t mind having! So be sure to check back next week for more of this amazing place, and we hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Franconia (bug)
Franconia (hill)
Franconia (house)
Franconia (towers)
Franconia (birds nest)
Franconia (reptile)
Franconia (tall statue)
Franconia (boats)
Franconia (deer)
Franconia (bird house)
Franconia (boat 2)
Franconia (circle tree)
Franconia (wall)
Franconia (tree house)