An Art Break (spoon city)

When we were in Minnesota, I knew that before we left…we had to stop by the beautiful and interesting Minneapolis Sculpture Garden! Since I went to high school near there, I have many fond memories visiting this place after classes relaxing amongst the art…it truly is such a peaceful location! For this visit, it was pretty cold there…so I was quite happy to be able to wear this jacket I found from Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren. I’m pretty obsessed with the beaded steer head on the back! Also when I found this Lace Top from H&M, I knew I needed to have it…the lace details are so elegant looking. Now let me say these jeans from Paige are probably one of my favorite jeans I’ve ever owned. I’ve had them for a really long time, and every time I put them on…they just make me so happy! I love when jeans do that! Also if you haven’t already, we would love for you to check out some of the abandoned and empty places we visited in Minnesota on Our Ruins. We found a really charming barn on our way up north…the cutest fishing house with a great view of Lake Superior…and this partially submerged building in the lake!

An Art Break (metal shadow)
An Art Break (sculpture close)
An Art Break (slot wall far)
An Art Break (cherry spoon)
An Art Break (walking away)
An Art Break (bench far)
An Art Break (bench close)
An Art Break (jacket close)
An Art Break (shirt close)
An Art Break (shirt mid)
An Art Break (wall far)