Sunset In A Jar (sunset far)

One of my favorite things to do is recreate food that I have tasted during my travels…and this is exactly what I sought out to do when I first tried honey sesame almonds during our Minnesota trip! My mom, who always has the most amazing snacks hidden away in her pantry, offered me some of Trader Joe’s Honey Sesame Almonds…and since I can never turn away from anything with sesame seeds on it, I nearly snatched them from her hands. The sweetness of the honey combined with the almonds and sesame seeds…all I have to say is that I was in heaven. I nearly ate the whole bag! I knew that this would be a perfect treat for our road trips especially when I’m desperately needing something sweet to pop into my mouth. So for my version of this tasty snack…I included light brown sugar, vanilla, and sea salt to the honey (I like to use local made) which I think the combination adds a whole lot of different layers to the overall flavor. Honestly, I think if you have one, I’m pretty sure that you will want another…and another..and another…and that’s what I call a dangerously perfect treat!

Sunset In A Jar (sunset close)
Sunset In A Jar (river mid)
Sunset In A Jar (sunset mid)
Sunset In A Jar (top far)
Sunset In A Jar (top close)