Blueberry Pie Energy Balls (side high)

Being on the road means frequent trips to the gas station to get gas and (with great regret) spend time perusing the candy aisle, but we know that’s not smart which led us to this recipe for blueberry pie energy balls…it literally tastes like pie! When I originally found this recipe from The Healthy Maven, I was super excited because the mix of ingredients sounded like heaven…we have a pretty big obsession with anything that involves blueberries which we think is good because they’re filled with antioxidants. And don’t get me started on the lemon flavor in this sweet treat…it is so bold and so good. Now I adapted this recipe only by adding a little bit of cinnamon just because that’s what I do when making blueberry pie or crumble. So I’ll just stop writing now because you should make this immediately…you won’t regret it! Oh, but one last thing, we wanted to share with you some exciting news…our photo of the abandoned Futuro House from our other blog Our Ruins has been featured this week on Cabin Porn which you can view here. If you haven’t visited their site before, you should…they post so many amazing cabins from around the world that make you want to cozy up in one of them!

Blueberry Pie Energy Balls (side low)
Blueberry Pie Energy Balls (side close)
Blueberry Pie Energy Balls (building)
Blueberry Pie Energy Balls (top close)
Blueberry Pie Energy Balls (side lower)