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Completely in awe is what we would describe our reaction when we saw this amazing head sculpture in the middle of downtown Calgary during our most recent trip to visit family in Canada! Now we are used to seeing different types of art in the places we travel, but this sculpture called Wonderland created by Jaume Plensa stood out in so many ways. For instance, the size alone took our breath away as the sculpture stands 12 meters high or about 39 feet which we tried to capture especially in the last photo of my father-in-law and I standing in front of it. In fact, it is so big, it has an entry on the side that allows you to go inside it…and we’re pretty sure you can fit quite a few people in there. Also we found the use of the white bent wire material so fascinating as it created a see-through effect, revealing parts of the equally amazing skyscraper in the background which they call the Bow presumably because of its very interesting curved shape. No doubt, this is definitely what we call city art at its finest!

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