Ten Things We Wish We Knew (clock)

Road trips have been such an incredible learning lesson for us! I mean we have encountered quite a few bumps as well as happy surprises on the road, so we thought we would compile a list of all things we should’ve…would’ve…could’ve…and basically wanted to know before we hit the road. Now we know that not all these tips apply to every type of road trip, but we do think that those who have a deep desire to just hit the road might appreciate these!

  1. Plan lightly but don’t forget the big picture. We think you should have some sort of plan, but sometimes plans don’t go your way. Just remember it should be fun just hitting the road.

  2. Pack like the future is unpredictable. That means things can change like weather, time, and sometimes mood…you can’t blame a girl who wants to change outfits midday.

  3. Strive to be comfortable. It doesn’t hurt to make your car feel like a second home…bring blankets, pillows, soothing music, your favorite anything.

  4. Stay hydrated even if that means a million bathroom breaks. Taking a whole a lot of bathroom breaks is a bummer…but being dehydrated is more of a bummer.

  5. Avoid fast food which means saying no to french fries. We’ve tested this a lot even when it hurts us every time, but sitting for long periods and then eating nutrient deficient food is just not a great combination.

  6. Take breaks even more than just to go to the bathroom. There have been times when we’ve taken a break and have found things we would have never found if we didn’t stop…just explore.

  7. Take backroads…freeways bad. Although freeways are faster, we find backroads to be much more entertaining.

  8. Embrace the silence. Talking nonstop on road trips is not something my husband and I do…I think that if we did, it would drive us crazy and make us take less road trips. Sometimes we like to just use the time to quiet the mind and peacefully enjoy the surroundings.

  9. Bring your camera. We think this is an obvious one, but we couldn’t help but mention it.

  10. Enjoy the journey. What motivates us to continue road tripping is that we believe it’s not always about the destinations…it’s also about the process, so just have fun!