Carriage Road (1)

After spending a lot of time hiking up mountains, climbing rocks, and hanging off cliffs at Acadia National Park last June, we decided to end our trip with a nice stroll on one of the park’s historic carriage roads! There are 45 miles of these well-maintained roadways that were originally constructed from 1913 to 1940 by John D. Rockefeller Jr. to allow visitors a way to travel through the park free of motor vehicles. Back then people would ride a horse and carriage on these roads, but now people use it for walking, running, and cycling. We found it to be such a peaceful way to take in the beautiful nature, and we can’t wait for our next visit to explore more of these roads!

Carriage Road (2)
Carriage Road (3)
Carriage Road (4)
Carriage Road (5)
Carriage Road (6)